On Site Repairs



We do it all in shop! Rehairs, restoration, repairs, custom builds, etc.

New tips, frogs, linings, eyes for bows just to name a few!

New pegs, bridges, seam repair, varnish touch up... we've even restored instruments run over by cars!

You don't need an appointment, and we never charge for a quote or advice. 

Bring in your instrument, and we'll look it over from a maker's perspective. In general, what we do is write up a quote to get that instrument in the best condition we can, then talk you through your options. If your violin is only worth $50, there's no reason to perform a $300-800 neck graft, replace all the pegs with premium ebony, or fit a professional level choice bridge. It might be "playable" with a $20 worth of work, and we'll let you know!

Our owner likes to say, "We're luthiers first. We want to help you get your instrument in the best condition we can so you can enjoy playing it. I'll never pressure you into buying something!"

Meet our Luthier:

Christopher "Christo" Contreras is the full time on site luthier and owner of Oklahoma Strings. He has been with the shop since 2009, with a 3 year absence to study violin making at the Chicago School of Violin Making. As well as graduating and receiving a diploma from the Chicago School of Violin Making, he also holds A BA in Instrumental Performance from Oklahoma City University. A rarity in the world of Lutherie, Christopher is an accomplished performer. He has been seen in performances with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic as an extra, as well as the Peoria Symphony Orchestra in Illinois during his study in Chicago. He can currently be found performing with the Enid symphony Orchestra, as well as various private performances with the Oklahoma Strings Quartet. After graduating from Oklahoma City University, he worked with Penders Music Company to learn the ins and outs of sheet music sales, then went on to perform on cruise ships with Holland America for a handful of voyages. Christopher taught privately for ten years.